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Naraku by Suihowl on DeviantArt

This is awesome!


tsugumi on



Ugh talk about my first anime that made me fall in love with anime. Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Inu no Taisho


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Naraku and kagewaki - sama

Que liiiiindo♥♥♥

This month's Fanart Friday peice was requested by Lisa from Patreon! She suggested Inuyasha! I actually didnt grow up watching Inuyasha, but I watched i. FF: Inuyasha

Human Inu Yasha looking so handsome.

Se encontró en Google desde aminoapps.com

Se encontró en Google desde aminoapps.com

Ultimate fandom whore by Teela-akimako-cz on deviantART ~I didn't even know half if this existed. XD

Ultimate fandom whore by Teela-akimako-cz

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Inuyasha (human form) and his older bro Sesshomaru

Naraku by shuangwen.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Naraku by shuangwen

#inuyasha #kikyo

#inuyasha #kikyo

Kanna | Inuyasha

Kanna was low key bad ass!

Реалистичный аниме арт

inu suit by sakimichan

Comparison - Inuyasha by Wizyakuza on Deviantart

Inuyasha and Inuyasha Demon Form Split Inuyasha 11 by Wizyakuza

Inuyasha (ᴖ◡ᴖ)♪

Inuyasha, manga character cross stitch pattern by Vandihand on Etsy

thetangles: “★ SUKJA | 犬夜叉20周年 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ”

Inuyasha # # ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah is crying two Gouzi beautiful it! SUKJA my marry!