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Be kind

Always be compassionate and always be kind. You never know what kind of pain someone may be enduring.This is so true

Whoops I slipped on the ice                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How to avoid slipping on ice and snow

The polar bear slips on the ice just in front of the sign that says "Watch for Ice". Polar bears can't read though!

Relationships are a key part of survival and balance in any ecosystem. Though unusual, this hippo and tortoise would seem to have chosen a relationship of mutual support and companionship.

Clearly the hippo has immersed itself in turtle culture. A hippo raised by turtles is acceptable. Baby hippo and 130 year old tortoise become best friends…

The Laughing Pet: Pet Love for the weekend - Tiny kitty gives big hug

Secrets of Dogs and Cats Friendship. Click the pic to cute!

Rescued dog rescued kitten so adorable how could anyone want to hurt such loving animals. Amazing, strong bond of love!

Lost dog finds little kitten and saves her…

Funny pictures about Lost Dog Finds Kitten And Saves Her. Oh, and cool pics about Lost Dog Finds Kitten And Saves Her. Also, Lost Dog Finds Kitten And Saves Her photos.


Dog - why can't we be friends? Cat- because, you are a dog, covered in fleas and you pee on everything and lick everything. Do you understand? Dog- no! Cat- I'm clean- your dog! Scout loves cats but they never want to play

This rabbit's name is Herman and he lives with his owner, Hans Wagner, in Berlin, Germany.  German Giants are domestic rabbits. They do not exist in the wild and can live as long as 12 years. Herman can eat a bale of hay per week. He weighs in at 22 pounds and measures a little over 3 feet.

He caught the Easter Bunny! My name is Herman and I am a Big German Giant Rabbit. (I suspect Herman will be forever traumatised by Easter

Awwwww Cat Loves Dog

Hey You Tired? I’ll Be Your Pillow… cute animals dogs adorable dog puppy animal pets gifs gif funny animals animal gifs funny pets funny dogs

Cat loves this dog!

Funny Animal Pictures With Captions - Very Funny Cats - Cute Kitty Cat - Wild Animals - Dogs

velveteenrabbit: “ animals-riding-animals: “ cat riding dog  I. ”

velveteenrabbit: “ animals-riding-animals: “ cat riding dog I. ” --Cat:" I don't know why you got this noisy thing but get him out now." Dog: "OMG help me I'm living with a psycho!

That looks just like my cat and dog

You see what he's doing and your just gonna take a picture? cat and dog. Dog sitting on cat.