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What a fun idea for all wine emergencies! This is a service offered by a British wine seller.too bad we can't do the same.

Nursing humor: yes, we are superstitious... And don't you dare say the Q word!!!

Dispatch humor: yes, we are superstitious. And don't you dare say the Q word!

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Insulin! Only a nurse would find this funny ;) In light of my recent diagnosis... yay Humalog <3

100 Funniest Nursing Memes on Pinterest - Our Special Collection

All the time!! I just get their IV in and premeds going and then bam **beep beep**beep beep**

So, you've just gotten your patient to sleep? Let me play you the song of my people! - Douche Bag Alaris Pump - or tube feeding pump :/

Is it really an EMERGENCY? The ER doctor is not your primary care physician (PCP)!!

Free, Get Well Ecard: Here's your prescription for get the heck out of the ER and go see your family doctor about this stupid crap.

on aging gracefully..this is NOT it

they're adult diapers in a thong. i told you i was bringing sexy back. sweet angel of death please take me now!

Bahahahahha so true! Everything goes through the nurse before it gets to you!

Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Be nice to nurses; we keep the doctors from accidentally killing you.

His face says it all

When you found out that patient is on isolation precautions and you've been in the room several times.

Sweet idea for a #nurse.

Nurse - Do Not Disturb Decal -- for all my RN friends who work nightshift. PS this applies at ALL times, nightshift or not lol