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I cant hear you XD

We will never give up educating the public of your greed and cruelty.

37 Hilarious Animal Pictures

37 Hilarious Animal Pictures

Kitten got the bad news - Cute kitten making disappointed face: What do you mean I wont grow up to be a tiger?

37 Of The Funniest Animal Pictures Ever

37 Of The Funniest Animal Pictures Ever

Funny pictures about I surrender. Oh, and cool pics about I surrender. Also, I surrender.

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No need to thank me.

Don't you love when they bring lives things in the house? Especially the rats and snakes, gotta love those!


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Funny pictures about Thoughts of a Panda Dog. Oh, and cool pics about Thoughts of a Panda Dog. Also, Thoughts of a Panda Dog.

Well my cats name is Chloe and I know someone who's cats name is Darwin. So 2/4

Lol I've had a long line of cats with weird names. Currently I have a cat named George Washington, and previously I've had cats named Onion (my brothers idea), Kitty Pumpkincup (don't even ask), and many other weird names.