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Spa especial ... "perrito!"

Balnéothérapie ... spéciale

Funny pictures about Doggy Pool Party. Oh, and cool pics about Doggy Pool Party. Also, Doggy Pool Party photos.

Lazy afternoon

Could make the bed out of pvc pipe and some cozy bean bag fabric stuff.

The biggest dogs breeds in the world | interestingstrang...  Big Dogs = Man's Best Friend / www.PetWellbeing.org

That's one BIG DOG! The dog is the same size as the horse. I bet this police officer gets some very strange looks from people when they see him riding a HUGE DOG the size of a horse.

SO Adorable!!

Growing up.

Husky puppies are so cute! Huskies growing up with Spaniel -- TOO CUTE siberian husky


The 35 Happiest Moments In Animal History

That face; The 35 Happiest Moments In Animal History There are many happy moments in Happy Animal History, but these are the happiest. Makes you wonder.

Polish photographer captures heart and soul through stunning dog portraits.

Heartwarming Dog Portraits by Polish photographer,Alicja Zmyslowska. A pet photographer that takes incredibly vibrant and lively portraits of dogs for a living.

black labs sleeping

This is the kind of sleep I get on weekends and days off. A good night's sleep is the best and I DESPISE IT when people wake me up. Beautiful Labrador Retrievers, by the way.

Side view - A black Mastador dog is wearing a choke chain with dog tags hanging from it standing outside in grass. Its mouth is open and its long tongue is hanging very low.

"Shadow the Mastador at 15 months old weighing 101 pounds" Mine is only 6 months an this is what we look forward to.