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And I found this on chrome and MAN are there some REALLY CREEPY images of Pikachu. And we'll if your not scared go check it out!

Motivational Pokémon Posters… by elsie

Funny pictures about Motivational Pokémon Posters. Oh, and cool pics about Motivational Pokémon Posters. Also, Motivational Pokémon Posters.

Pichu as kid Link, pikachu as teen link, raichu as adult link?

Pichu *** too bad it's not pikachu then it could've been a linkachu

Little Ash with Delia ^.^ ♡ I give good credit to whoever made this

ash ketchum (pokemon) closed eyes hanako (pokemon) heki setsuna hug mother and son open mouth pajamas pokemon satoshi (pokemon) smile white background younger

Pokemon in 10 Jahren (German Fandub)

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