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"She's a dreamer, a soul searcher and a wanderer. She drifts along, deep in thought her mind craving exploration and her eyes telling tales of mysterious adventures." Leave "mysterious" out


Truth is, sometimes I choose me instead of you. But I am committed to you and will continue to choose you more than I choose me.

Happiness is too rare

If there's even a slight chance of getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life's too short, and happiness is too rare. Story of our life together. It was worth the risk!

Quotes about Education 29

40 Quotes about Education

"Educating yourself does not mean that you were stupid in the first place; it means that you are intelligent enough to know that there is plenty left to - Melanie Joy

Don't expect immediate results if you want to be mentally strong.

Being Mentally Strong Is Not About Armoring Yourself, But Building Your Internal Strength

Remember-that-lifes-greatest-lessons-are-usually-learned-at-the-worst-times-and-from-the-worst-mistakes. Amen, Amen, Amen!!!

100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (59)


and sometimes the negative I soak in from others around me just drains the life out of me.

That little nagging feeling that says stay the hell away this person is a dangerous sociopath...yeah, you should listen to that

"I like the energy of some people & others I don't care for, I can't explain it but my intuition tells me to stay away from them" - INFJ

Create an environment where respect rules and 80% of your bullying problems disappear #ParentingTips

Create an environment where respect rules and 80% of your bullying problems disappear #ParentingTips