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I wonder this all the time.  I get the rich voting to support their status quo, but when the poor vote against their own interests I am baffled.  Apparently operation "Keep America Stupid" is a success.

bill maher sums up many of the poor and middle class who are causing their own downfall by voting for republicans who care nothing for them

The majority of Americans support safe abortion and believe in human-driven climate change. Congress and the Republican senate represent a tiny, loud, rich fringe.


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Why Rachel Maddow Thinks 'Small Government' Makes A Great Bumper Sticker (http://front.moveon.org/)

Why Rachel Maddow Thinks 'Small Government' Makes A Great Bumper Sticker

Rachel Maddow Rachel Anne Maddow is an American television host, political commentator, and author. The Rachel Maddow Show, on MSNBC. At least admit it!

Where would Rand Paul go?

"Tea Party has compared Obama to Nazis so many times that actual Nazis are offended and threatening to quit the Tea Party.

In case you only watch #Foxnews and r wondering why #obama hasn't been impeached yet

Cindy Leinwand on

But of course the Faux News watchers will claim that the liberal (which is actually corporate) media has lied again.

Read this out loud...you have to read it to someone..out Loud..lots of words that say absolutely nothing.

This reads like an essay answer from a middle school student bluffing his way through an exam.

Republikkkans had 8 years to come up with a plan...they've got Nothing!! But are willing to take from Taxpayers who elected and pay for their Health Care Insurance.

This is vile! They happily throw millions of people off their insurance plans and offer no alternative yet they, themselves have the luxury of top notch insurance PAID FOR by those same people!


but still they have been permitted to influence gov't by lobbying and superpacs. Do politicians not learn from history or are they all corrupted? One or the other is apparent.

Just sayin'

too far back for conservative memories. or to factual to be real: pick-one and support GOP BS

If the news you watch mentions what #HillaryClinton is wearing..You're not actually watching news. via @JohnFugelsang

Bipartisan Report on

Helpful tip for election season - or just in general really. If you're commenting/watching comments on someone's appearance while they're talking, you're not actually reporting news/watching the news, you're being an asshole/watching an asshole.

One of these people shouldn't have a say in your access to birth control: You, Your doctor, Your boss.

Good one President  Obama !

No, this is not some funny comment thought up by a fan of Obama's. He LITERALLY said this, he said these words verbatim at the 2015 State of the Union.