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What Causes the #pain of #endometriosis In honor of March being endometriosis awareness month!

The pain of endometriosis is caused by various complex reactions triggered by the immune response - there are measures you can take to help reduce the levels of pain you feel

Table 1

Table 1

I'm Not a Head Case...   A blog for people who are sick and tired of being misdiagnosed or dismissed all together... A Brief Overview of Dysautonomia

Dysautonomia is a general term used to describe the breakdown or malfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

OPTIMAL thyroid levels (not just "normal"

A very helpful page out of Suzy Cohen's book "Thyroid Healthy", concerning thyroid testing. If you are dealing with hypothyroidism this is a great book to have and read.

Dysautonomia / POTS

Autonomic Neuropathy Treatment

Simple description of POTS syndrome. Includes a list of POTS symptoms and links on where to find more information.

Patient's Interview with Dr. Blair P. Grubb on POTS subtype Hyperadrenergic (MCA)

Blair Grubb and a seventeen year old African American Woman living with the subtype of POTS known as Hyperadrenergic Postural Or.