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Scientists confirm what we already knew: Octopuses are aliens

Scientists confirm what we already secretly knew: Octopuses are actually aliens

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Octopus cyanea or Day Octopus Photographic Print by Stuart Westmorland at

Octopus cyanea or Day Octopus

thelordismylightandmysalvation:  Octopus ✤  re-pinned by

thelordismylightandmysalvation: Octopus ----I like the form of this one. the stretching tentacles towards my collar bone. The longer really curly ones on bottom just poking out of my sleeve.

Random Inspiration #22 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

Random Inspiration #22

The shape of the jelly fish gave me inspiration for my design as it is from the sea. And the tail of the jellyfish could help stabilise a high up shape in a building.

For the love of animals. Pass it on.

Like the enigmatic animals it represents, there's more to this word than meets the eye.

The Blanket Octopus  #octopus The male Blanket Octopus dies soon after mating because its reproductive organ detaches and crawls into the female to fertilize them octopussy eggs.

Blanket Octopus: is 2 meters long with an enormous cape behind it. The octopus is the only animal immune to the stings of the man of war jellyfish. It can rip off the stingers of the jellyfish and use it as a whip.

Too intelligent and cool to eat? Such an interesting animal but so delicious. photo sesh with and friends by camkirkconnell


coral, pink, circles - Nature's Artwork: moon scallops - colour, shape and surface pattern inspiration for design


Hanging flower garden of the sea. I kinda want this to be the start of my…