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Leon<< I hope that’s a viola ❤️

The sequel to Frederick's day care

aryll: “ the long awaited sequel to frederick’s daycare service is here at last, now with more crying baby siblings PS: you can buy art of this at my store ★ ”

Agh, my heart ~ ♡

"Mother, I want you to meet someone." Fire Emblem Fates and Awakening - Olivia and her son, Inigo (Laslow) and his daughter, Soleil.

by ladugard on tumblr

ladugard: “I really love the idea of Sakura and Elise having fun dressing up in each other’s clothes ”

Nothing makes me happier then seeing them all happy and alive But I have to ask Who is the person next to Anankos He looks like Shigure but isn't dressed like him and Kamui and Lillith look far too young for Shigure to even be born Perhaps it's Cadros?

The first image was my initial piece I was going