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I wish i could go to one of their concerts but i can't :( still an adorable picture though

only i swear this is a huge reason why i am in love with these boys. they're not like the other bands. just like Zayn said, they tried to get away from this typical boy band thing. they're different, they're special. and thats why i am in love with them

Dude me and my friend are always sitting there laughing. Here lemme explain, at the end of the day (; we have health and then science. So the teacher in health is funny so we r laughing our heads off and then in science we laugh at everything and have the dumbest conversations. My friend always likes to say our science teacher knows our true nature. -Shahreena

Omg I love how Harry is me in the situation and Niall is like my friends laughing and watching me make a fool of myself

For Niall "he looks like he causes too much trouble" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOUR SO WRONG

The fact that he think that Niall is a troublemaker😂 and "I never say no." Nobody say no to daddy Payno

they look terrified to answer whatever question they were just asked.

So true. OMG it does except we always have a class clown making fun of the question or whatever the teacher wants