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(Open RP. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL. WRITTEN BY @A Simple Potato/ Lady Loki.) I hear a muffled voice say "Yes, yes, the lady is in her chamber, she'd be willing to talk to you, yes." I lick my lips. Fresh blood. Even more of it. I smirk coolly as the visitor enters. "Hello..." I say softly. Suddenly, he has a hand on my mouth and a gun on my head.

Alice's friends by Tsvetka / A Scottish version of a female vampire or a succubus. Baobhan Sith are found in Scottish Gaelic oral tradition. Those who would take her in his embrace, would have the blood suck from their body.

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How To Slay A Vampire

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What Princess Muriel would wear.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Electric X-Ray Music Headphone Skeleton T-Shirt / Men’s / Modern / Skull / Radiology / Rad Tech / Radio / Turntable / Headphone / Hip Hop / House / Techno / Ibiza Rocks / Goa / Rap / Disco / TeesUK

Pensuasion: Zombies vs. Vampires vs. Werewolves

Hold me like you held on to life, When all fears came alive and entombed me. Love me like you loved the sun, Scorching the blood in my vampire heart. HIM - Vampire Heart Vampire Heart: - Model: - .

The Vampire Diaries- this is my favorite line out of all of the episodes I've seen! The way he says it, its perfect!

@ Abigail Heidel *Elena points to Jeremy, then starts upstairs* Favorite Damon quotes from The Vampire Diaries

"When you will then see the moon turn to blood, your eyes will illuminate with it's reflection. In that moment, you will become an oracle. In that moment, you will wish you'd never desired to become wise."

She was beautiful and like most beautiful people, she knew it. The only thing she found undesirable about herself was her eye color. A deep, wine red. This was how humans could tell Makami apart from their own kind.