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Yes! absolutely, bring on the nerdom

Morning coffee (39 photos)

OMG! This person is my hero! Clothes inspired by The Avengers

By popular demand: men's versions of Avengers outfits from Sampoly! (I haven't seen the Avengers, but I want the Black Widow, Hawkeye, Loki, and Nick Fury outfits)

Okay but Rey probably should’ve just been like “hey I’ll join you if you let me save my friends first” and then we could have had this

elithien: “ In an AU where Rey accepted Kylo Ren’s offer and they reign happily ever after. Empire Reylo is without a doubt my fav au from the dawn of time and I’m glad I finally made another piece. Here’s my first one [x] In case you’re interested.

Ladrien- the obvious couple. Everybody loves them both. Everybody crushes on them both. A superhero and a model. Lady Noir- a superhero and an underrated sidekick. Slightly less obvious. Adriennette- the seemingly confident model and the awkward, clumsy, amateur fashion designer. Classic pairing. Marichat: two people pretending they don't know each other and being sassy and awesome

Ladrien- the obvious couple. A superhero and a model. Lady Noir- a superhero and an underrated

Avengers fashion and accessories.

Avengers fashion.

The Avengers-clothes-female-woman-Thor Loki-Captain America-Iron Man-Hulk-Black Widow-Hawkeye-superheros

Avenger Eye Makeup  I wouldn't do it but its cool for halloween for people.

Wanted: Awesome Avengers-Inspired Eye Makeup

Funny pictures about Avengers' Eye Makeup. Oh, and cool pics about Avengers' Eye Makeup. Also, Avengers' Eye Makeup photos.

This makes me want to ride a motorcycle.  #Batman

Bat helmet…

Funny pictures about Bat helmet. Oh, and cool pics about Bat helmet. Also, Bat helmet.

Why Cleavage Is Bad For Crime Fighting

So true! Cleavage is not awesome for crime fighting. Female superhero designs tend to be so terrible.

10 DC Superheroines Dressed As Modern Hipsters

10 DC Superheroines Dressed As Modern Hipsters