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Teen Depression, by Robert Carter I love the imagery behind this image, the idea that when suffering with depression the mind of the person is bresking into fractures.

"Those who do not move do not feel their chains." -Rosa Luxemburg #msm = #BrainWashed / #quote on #mentalslavery, #debt, & true #freedom

I love this, being a prisoner in your own mind, feeling like that's where you're trapped, in Your own head trying to find a way out but you cant depression and anxiety is hard to deal with and I think this a beautiful way to describe it

Sexo Polar

an art of self destruction. it is the tendency of self-protection that pushed the pain-haunted pina to put so many self-embracing hand movements in her dance

Pedro Salinas  (I don't know what this says but the picture is so haunting)

REM - It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. Graphic design it's my dream job to deal with art and to have or write a graphic novel.

introvert | Tumblr

Head's a mess.I have quite a few days when I can literally see this thought bubble coming out of my own head.-Just Like the pic)

This id how I feel inside. But to the people who don't see me they see a happy girl

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You are prisoner of your own mind. // A prisoner of the illusion that you own mind had created.