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Dearest Nana, I Love You pt. 1 by JayEyBee. Melian with little Lúthien

Mother Melian with daughter Lúthien the feeellssss sakfljlskdljfdf The moon might look a little odd, but. Dearest Nana, I Love You pt.

Of Melian (and Thingol) by valloria on DeviantArt. This is a pretty accurate summary lol! xD

Inspired by the Silmarillion chapter: Of Thingol and Melian. Melian just can't wait to be queen. Of Melian (and Thingol)

Gil-Galad was an elven king. Of him the harpers sadly sing: the last whose realm was fair and free between the Mountains and the Sea...

Reactions towards Death

Elrond grieving the death of Gil-galad. Except Gil-galad's death was a whole lot uglier.

Elrond and Elros: Choices by VergissMichNicht.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Elrond Peredhel, Lord of Imaldris and his twin brother Elros, Tar-Minyatur, the first King of Númenor. Elrond and Elros: Choices

Fingon by niyochara

melianinarda: ““None of the Eldar at that time dwelt in his father’s lands, and once only he seen them, when King Fingon and many of his lords ridden through Dor-Lomin and passed over the bridge of.