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Funny I Miss You Card - I Really Miss You, But Probably Not as Much as You Miss Me. Im pretty awesome

People are obsessed that Barbie's body is unrealistic, but it's what she stands for that really matters.

Feminism + Barbie [I myself am still not a huge fan of her, however, she really really needs to not be the symbol of anti-feminism.] I support this, but I do believe there should be a more vast variety of body shapes as well.

Picture Perfect

daily odd compliment - I have thought about this a million times, and I hope that I have a friend in my life that would know which picture to show

It's good to talk to friends, sometimes I don't get chance to un-scramble my head to even get the mouth to work too!

I've got thoughts more tangled than my headphones. Especially now that I've got a thing that helps to keep my headphones untangled.

RIP! This is so scary, it is so close to my city! All those innocent children that were killed, I actually feel sick! Never would I have thought that the threat for a terrorist attack would ever be 'critical'. To all those who are still missing, I hope you're alive and safe! Xx

RIP to all those who were killed at the Ariana Grande concert tonight in Manchester & hope everyone who survived is home safe ♥️ I don't like Ariana Grande, but I am so very sorry that people died.

fernweh (n.) farsickness: an urge to travel even stronger than wanderlust

24 Unusual Travel Words You Should Know

24 Unusual Travel Words You Should Know - Migrating Miss fernweh (n.) farsickness: an urge to travel even stronger than wanderlust

I have nothing against Movie Potter fans, but really, you don't know what you're missing... :3

If you didn't read Harry Potter but watched the movies. It made me so mad that they left out the whole Kreacher being nice thing. That was one of my favorite things about that book.

TRAIN YOUR WIFE vintage poster. The second a man snapped his fingers at me, he would be missing half his face. Puh-lease.

TRAIN YOUR WIFE vintage poster. Learn to Train your wife in five easy lessons. She is also naked under her apron.

I will never regret you, only miss you.

I will never regret you, or say I wish I'd never met you, because once upon a time, you were exactly what I needed. This is so true. everyone comes through your life for a reason, whether they stay or leave.

#words #quote Love your parents. We are so busy growing up. We often forget they are also growng old.

I love this so much! I love my parents so much. I often times forget to tell them how much they mean to me, but in truth I would not be who I am today without them. Thanks mom and dad! I love you!