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Friendship may only last as long as someone's patients if you keep testing it.

Brotip - don't take out your frustrations on people that are there for you. no one should be punished for being your friend.

Good tip. :)

Brotip - relationship guideline: if you swapped phones with your girl for a day, would you still be together the next day?

they really are. especially when u know he will text u and so its ur alarm. :)

Brotip - '"Good morning" texts are legit. Surprise her with one every so often; I promise, she loves it.


The problem with political jokes is they get elected. Obama Got Elected, Need We Say More Mr Obamacare

Don't let them fall!!

Brotip - if anyone trusts you enough to lean on you, don't let them fall.

brotip #1609    You don't have to be a bro to know this!

Who knew such wise words would come from a site called "bro tips"?

This quote by race car driver Mario Andretti seemed to fit right in on this board... go faster!

This quote by my fav race car driver, the legendary Mario Andretti, seemed a perfect fit on this board. go faster!

You don't have to wait for the storm to pass, bro. Go be awesome in the rain.

Brotip - you don’t have to wait for the storm to pass, bro. go be awesome in the rain.