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Haha there should be a show where every show with a major fandom should have a representative (like Hetalia and the nation representatives) and then it's just them being weird and stuff and yeah>>>one word Fandomstuck

This would be so cool! Asgard! The tardis! The black pearl! 221b! Hogwarts! We'll Carry on dreaming....

It would be the best bloody brilliant week of my life!<-- To Asgard! To The TARDIS! To The Hunger Games! Ok maybe not hunger games! To hogwarts! To camp half-blood! To supernatural! To middle earth!


Funny pictures about Do you even speak cat? Oh, and cool pics about Do you even speak cat? Also, Do you even speak cat?


I had a similar teacher who would take the book, and begin reading the page. It was really funny because a girl was reading the Lightning Theif and was a the part where Percy cut off Medusa's head. He didn't do it for a month after that

Oh my gosh, you seriously do not know pain until you get super attached to a BBC character.

Part 18 (can't stop won't stop)

Misandry, Misogyny, Feminism, Misanthropy, Les Miserables, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hannibal, and Once Upon a Time

It always becomes about the fandoms<---of course the supernatural fandom was the first to hijack a post XD


Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Harry Potter. "You're a Fangirl, Harry"

Of course it's us who their worried about. The Hannibal fandom is psychotic and cannot be trusted. I know because I am one.

The Hannibal fandom is psychotic and cannot be trusted.<<< Hannibal fandom, you shouldn’t have brought food.

Pinned for the Hiddles giggle.

I'm pinning this for the Avengers fandom. Ehehehehehe but its actually quite true for the Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Avengers fandoms.<<Luci, Ruby, etc for Supernatural. Moriarty for Sherlock. Loki for Avengers

Finland: the oerson who listens to death metal and who everyone is scared of

>>> my favorite country is Ireland! >>I'm pretty sure England just looks like Tom Hiddleston.>>England does NOT look like Tom Hiddleston. Watch Hetalia and you'll know.

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The most accurate description of fandoms on hiatus that I have ever seen. And of course, the Merlin fandom is crying. It's so difficult being in the Doctor Who, Sherlock AND Merlin fandom.

You can't kill something that was never alive in the first place (maniacal laugh...)

The network that killed my social life…

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Doctor Who: Yo Mama so fat two Slitheen use her as a skin suit! >> Doctor Who: Yo Mama so fat that it took the Vashta Nerada a whole minute to eat her.