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Bearded Collie information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Bearded Collies and dog breed mixes.

Calcetines y ropa blanca como nuevos. Cómo hacer el mejor blanqueador casero.

Calcetines y ropa blanca como nuevos. Cómo hacer el mejor blanqueador casero.

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Dogs that scratch and lick excessively should see the vet. Many people think that dogs just scratch themselves and that it's normal and part of being a dog. The truth is that, while some scratching is normal, too much of it can indicate a problem.

Hot spots on dogs cause your dog to lick and itch an area often and to the point of rawness in order to ease their suffering but hot spots on dogs can be easily cured.

Some of us have horrible allergies, especially in the springtime. Did you know that your pet can experience allergies, too? Ask us if you have questions about your pet’s allergies and how we can identify them.

Lambida de cachorro pode causar doenças?

Lambida de cachorro pode causar doenças?

Best and Worst Dog Breeds to Live with Cats - TheCatSite.com Community

Looking for a pet? Thinking of getting a Beagle? Wondering if the Beagle is the right breed for you? Read this post and find out more about this breed!

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So, you have a cat and now you want to add a Jack Russell terrier to the family. Some dog breeds are instinctively inclined to chase cats, Jack Russells being one of them. Out of respect to your .

Eric O’Grey was at the point of losing hope 6 years ago, but everything changed when he met Peety, a shelter dog, that results in proving the doctor wrong and saving his life. Watch the tear-jerking video here ==>  http://gwyl.io/touching-story-eric-petty-rescued/

A Touching Story Of Eric And Petty - "Who Rescued Whom?"

Mutual Rescue presents the story of Eric and Peety, the dog. The doctors told Eric that he had five years left to live, but everything suddenly changed when he went to the shelter and asked for an “obese, middle-aged dog”, and ended up adopting Peety.

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