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Quotes - 'The longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when you get it, because anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for.

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This past year has gone so fast.

Was 2017 A Dream?

I was listening to a little personal development this morning as I sit on my butt and ice my knee!

Some Days Are Harder Than Others Quotes

twloha: “"Some days life is all about your dreams, hopes, and visions of the future. But there are some days where life is just about putting one foot in front of the other. And that’s okay.

I am glad I could be there for your "darkest" moments, I just wish you weren't the cause of mine.

Once in a lifetime kind of people. Keep these people in your life and anyone who doesn't aren't worth the time. Remember the once in a lifetime people

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Quotes for teens must be inspirational, positive and motivational. When you are a teenage, you come to know that you will be through the tough life before growing up. You may have dreams, curiosity and pressure, but y.

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Ali Ibn Talib A moment of patience in a moment of anger prevents a thousand moments of regret

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"When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love" - Lana Del Ray love quote

- Judith McNaught (when I went to South Africa, I followed this advice! It's the best advice you will ever get.)

ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications and just go for it // judith mcnaught. My instincts told me "it's you"

Never be guilted into having honesty and having feelings as being "angry". It is insulting and demeaning. Feelings and emotions do not equal anger only. The equal being real.

Remember to be YOU and only YOU! Remember it is okay to be different and make mistakes along the way! Just don’t ever give up!

I know this.  I only want her, and love her....637

You Never Had To Wonder * Your Daily Brain Vitamin * Wouldn't it be great if we all tried to be this girl? * Love Wins * motivation * inspiration * quotes * quote of the day * QOTD * quote * DBV * mot(Never Try Quote)

Say yes, and you'll figure it out afterwards

"Say yes, and you'll figure it out afterwards." - Tina Fey - Kinda my life motto

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