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I don't have the energy to shit butterflies & piss rainbows today.

Quick, zoom in on that....  @Stephanie Rhyan

Funny pictures about Zoom and enhance! Oh, and cool pics about Zoom and enhance! Also, Zoom and enhance!

AWKWARD Family photos...

And you thought your photos were awkward - Yikes! This is soooo funny!



Sick of your shit forreal

Getting real tired of your shit, mixer. Getting real tired of your shit mixer

I'm Peggy Sue part 118 - Imgur

I'm Peggy Sue part 118

Post with 12338 votes and 613889 views. Shared by peggysue. I'm Peggy Sue part 118

I'll be knitting!! Knitter for life

In the near future, little old ladies won't be able to knit, sew, or quilt, but they'll take awesome self-pics in the bathroom mirror.so sad this is our generation :(

True that...true that!!

57 Reasons Why Guys Are Scared Of Pinterest

Blondes might have more fun but brunettes make better psychos.

Hahahaheeheeheehuhuhuhu!!!!!!!!!!! I shouldn't find this so funny!!! :) BUT I DO!!!!!

For my Ice cream lovers-Scotty & mac & tiff! Sesame Street Joke: When Bert asked Ernie "Would you like some ice cream?" what did he say? Ernie said "Sure, Bert!

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Mahna Mahna (character)

'"mahna mahna" how a ditty from a soft-core italian movie became the muppets' catchiest tune' - sam adams, 2011 [slate magazine article; links to different muppets' versions of mahna mahna]

full moon

there's only so much insanity you can blame on the full moon. The rest is just everyday bat shit crazy people being themselves!