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regal bucks

Red Deer - Family Portrait by George Wheelhouse. “Three large stags, in the snow, looking right down the lens. ” Thank You, George!

Bull and his harem. His lady to the right might be special lol

Bull Elk with harem. Here, he is bugling as it is rut time.

sundxwn:    Roaring Sunset Stag by George Wheelhouse

Roaring Sunset Stag by George Wheelhouse on Huge stag, roaring for female attention at sunset.

Big buck in the snow.

A deer pauses in Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent, England. Photo by Carl De Souza.

Scream For Me...  by ~q-118   Red Deer Stag.

Call of the Wild.Scream for me, red deer stag photographed by - Pixdaus

Shoot! Shoot NOW!!! Perfect shot for a bowkill!! ; )

Woulda been a fabulous chest shot and even better, that rack on my wall!