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Wind in the willows

Wind in the willows

praying mantis

Devil’s flower mantis (Blepharopsis mendica) Found in North Africa and the Canary Islands, the devil's flower mantis is also known as the Egyptian flower mantis, or the thistle or Arab mantis.

Springtail Springtails (Collembola) reach a size of 0.1 to 17 mm and can be found mainly in the soil into several meters depth or decaying plant material. Their abdomen is equipped with a spring fork with which they can catapult themselves away many times over their body length. Scanning electron microscope, 75:1 (at 12x10cm)

Would this make you jump? The springtail is one of the most abundant 'micro-creature' on the planet, with an estimated of them for each cubic metre of soil

A cave spider, Meta menardi, was discovered at Hawkstone Park.

A cave spider, Meta menardi, was discovered at Hawkstone Park.

Lignyodes suturatus (ID: Attila Podlussány)  Focus stack of a 3,5mm long dead weevil (found in my car). 130 shots were taken with the Nikon BD Plan 20x microscope objective at nominal 20x magnification, then stacked in Zerene Stacker (PMax).  View larger!

Globe-eyed weevil (Lignyodes suturatus), at (focus stack), photo: Nikola Rahmé

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The importance of teamwork. The insects were caught on camera forming a tower to reach the top of a bird cage they were being kept in. Source: Escape ants are a tower of strength (Daily Express)

resting pelican

resting pelican

Belezas da vida - The beauty of life

Collecting beautiful and amazing images of nature,flowers

Damselfly… by Kent

damselflies are a lot like dragonflies, except much smaller, daintier, and more delicate.