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Bingo - Album on Imgur
Curse me, Hate me, Wish me dead.  I will still be there when you need me.  Facebook - Patrol Blog
Police Officer Jair Cabrera was shot and killed while making a traffic stop near the intersection of Chaparral Road and Pima Road, on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, at 3:05 am.
We are mourning with the Cincinnati Police Department in Ohio after the loss of a Brother.  Officer Sonny Kim, 48, was shot and killed responding to a disturbance call.
I'm sick of this "black lives matter" crap. ALL lives matter, every color, gender, religion, age EVERYONE! no one is better than anyone else.
Singer Attacks Cops Over Viral Photo, Police Officer Shuts Him Up With 5 Words
Everybody knows a yellow light means speed up before it turns read. Not slow down and stop you asshole.
I support law enforcement!! - not the "victims" (aka thugs or criminals) who whine after they get shot while committing a crime or resisting an officer's command to stop or halt!!  I say, shoot 'em!
@Ginos Place:Amen!We The People love you to all Law Enforcement!