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Austria of Hetalia: Axis powers. all of these countries are too much cute!

Digital Art by Yang Fan

hetalia austria roderich edelstein aph photo: Austria Austria3.jpg

Day 12 character with favourite voice: I rly like Austria's voice.

Austria (Hetalia) wish i could play as good as he can...

He plays violin and piano. I play violin. Maybe also Prussia since he can play the flute.

hetalia austria roderich edelstein aph photo: Austria ostsan001.png

Day with your favorite outfit: Austria. Because I have a thing for long coats and cravats.

Austria - hetalia-austria Photo

Day 24 of 30 Day Challenge Character with my favorite outfit Austria/Roderich Edelstein

Austria is Hungary's precious waifu and we must protect him from all harm

Oh hello. My name Roderich Edelstein also known as the country of Austria.