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Our religion Islam is beautiful. It makes your life beautiful and peaceful. It gives you Inner peace and purity. Check out some Beautiful Islamic Quotes .


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living the sunnah

living the sunnah

"And whatever of blessings and good things you have, it is from Allah. Then, when harm touches you, unto Him you cry aloud for help." [Surah Al-Nahl, 16: 53]

Islam is beautiful, peacefull and makes you'r soul happy


Arabic Pleasantaries for Dummies - Not sure what Masha allah, insha allah and a host of other words mean? This post is for you.

Let's All Learn Tolerance, and Not Judge One Another and Only Then,  Will We Achieve Peace in This World !

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)'s respect for all human beings. Sadly there is much less respect now overall for people in different walks of life. 💝ya RasulAllah SAW💝

The Neeyah matters!

The Neeyah matters!


The Daily Reminder on

You must love yourself enough to walk away from people that will put your afterlife at risk.


Biography of Imam Hazrat Ali ra Radiallahu anhu, Quotes and Aqwal. rightly guided Caliph Successor of Hazrat Muhammad Pbuh and Amir al-Mu'minin.