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Ice Dog

Sculpting, Competition, Holland, Dog, Whittling, Dutch Netherlands, Sculpture, Sculptures, Doggies

Fading Away

Photos, Pictures, Photographs

Pier at Twilight

Twilight, Photos, Cream Study Blinds, Pictures, Photographs

Come find me

Exploring, Photography, Photos, Fotografie, Pictures, Fotografia, Photograph, Photographs

Look Who's Home

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Mario Hat

For some reason, whenever I look at this I can only think about Mario

The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After, The O'jays, Photos, Pictures, Photographs

Sand Stone and Snow

Sands, Stone, Photography, Photos, Fotografie, Pictures, Rock, Beaches, Fotografia

Frozen Pier

Photos, Frozen, Pictures, Photographs

Snow Stone and Sand

Stone, Earth, Photography, Fotografie, Rock, Fotografia, Photograph, World, The World