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An ingenious way using a boxwood to imitate an oak tree. Nice workmanship, artistry and knowledge of how nature works

How could I get a live oak style bonsai tree, i have been looking at many styles and the one that has stuck out to me t


The Satsuki Azalea is one of the most popular flowering bonsai grown today. So popular is this species that there are specialist clubs and societies which are dedicated to just this type of bonsai.

Que tal dar um toque especial em casa com um bonsai...

Que tal dar um toque especial em casa com um bonsai...

Bonsai - A great site with lots of details about cutting, traditional forms, and beginner plants.

A Guide to Growing Bonsai and Making Bonsai - Bonsai Basics. Lots of great info!

bonsai coprosmia

Harry Harrington Very well-turned out Coprosma over-rock bonsai brought to the workshop on Monday by one of the club members, he starting training the tree over the rock around 30 years ago

The Art of Bonsai Project - Feature Gallery: The Bonsai of William N. Valavanis

An Acer palmatum deshojo-Japanese maple Bonsai. The ones at southport flower show were incredible!

Ikadabuki (raft) style Bonsai, stunning isn't it? By: Matyie Che ...

Ikadabuki (raft) style Bonsai, stunning isn& it? By: Matyie Che .