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That includes unborn babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny pictures about Star Trek Message. Oh, and cool pics about Star Trek Message. Also, Star Trek Message photos.

It's amazing what people find the time for...and it really shows us where their priorities are.

Perhaps we should hold elections on the last Friday of November, with polling stations at Wal-Mart, Target, and Apple. PTA meetings too.

"In God We Trust" is a recent invention, created by fear in the height of McCarthyism.

15 Questions Atheists Are Sick Of Answering. One nation under God/the Pledge of Allegiance.

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No we don't but one day we will know.

Funny pictures about True Power. Oh, and cool pics about True Power. Also, True Power photos.

Because f**k you that's why. (The Uncomfortable by Katerina Kamprani)

Because f**k you that's why. (The Uncomfortable by Katerina Kamprani)

Things I wish for my enemies<<the people that wanna watch the world burn. This makes me feel sooo uncomfortable!

All for ME. None for you. I am smarter, better and deserving. You...not so much.  This so called man must burn☠️.

Carrier jobs Trump "saved" are still going to Mexico

fake prez couldn't fill them in a million years.

Our long wait for Obama to re-enter the scene is almost over. On October he and the four other living ex-Presidents will be hosting a One America Appeal fundraising concert in College Station, Texas. The message will be unifying — which flies.