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Hockey & Cuddling, SURE! I think I'd rather eat nachos and drink not beer, but yeah hockey and cuddling is good

My dream Make it football and you've got yourself a deal. (Guess hockey would be a close second though)

Fat girls in skiny jeans,Cupcakes .

Funny pictures about Muffin tops. Oh, and cool pics about Muffin tops. Also, Muffin tops.


A comprehensive listing of the 16 personality types with detailed descriptions.

Beard, as it should, once again hot in men´s fashion world. Can´t help wonder if this man, also is deadly tired of his wife spend hours at the mirror?

you may be cool but you'll never be pink suit, cowboy hat, triple beard fancy mustache cool ~~ made me laugh

Introvert problems.

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Being and Introvert allows me to care about humanity and despise human beings, simultaneously.

That's social anxiety!

Anxiety Cat is an image macro similar to a more anxiety-ridden version of Socially Awkward Penguin except it has a kitty in it so it wins by default. Sorry, Socially Awkward Penguin, but those are the rules which I just invented.

Ha ha ha ... I am laughing and i dont kow why because its true but it is not funny :D

When you have social anxiety disorder, you have a recognized medical condition that usually requires some form of social anxiety treatment.