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GoBoiano - 17 Things All Anime Fans Have Felt Before

unless you are going to an anime convention or being around other otaku. Then the light of the anime shall spread to those lands!) is also manga. Social life is also gaming>

We have a shinigami-hollow-quincy hybrid!

We have a shinigami-hollow-quincy hybrid! Bleach x Hulk x Pirates of the Carribean

There it is! #Bleach

the epic kick

Fandom conflicting with religion........ don't you just hate that?

Bleach: Fandom conflicting with religion, don't you just hate that?



Bleach's author (Tite Kubo) could be criticizing our actual society. However, Aizen had power over who went to prison (Rukia, for example). Still kinda pissed on how they didn't do anything about him (even though he was immortal)  #bleach #animefacts

Bleach Logic (Might as well fit in some memes before the manga ends TT^TT)

I admit I got slightly freaked out when he opened his eyes

Overly smiley characters that only come in two modes