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The cover for ''Spark'' (pseudonym blurred).

The cover for ''Spark'' (pseudonym blurred).



The cover for ''Ember'' (pseudonym blurred).

The cover for ''Ember'' (pseudonym blurred).

An alternate cover for ''Ember'' (pseudonym blurred). This I would use if the book was a stand-alone.

An alternate cover for ''Ember'' (pseudonym blurred).

'I burn with the Fire and It burns with Me  Flames from my Eyes and Flames at my Feet  I spark and cinder, My body an Ember  And all for the Gods, my Past remembered'.

Playing with Fire – Manipulation with Fire Photographs « Cruzine

witch-moon:    standing before the fire, deciding how close to can get before i start to burn.

Fire is beauty. Fire is hell and heaven. Fire is life and death. Fire is me. /// This is perfect for when Soran and Araven first meet.

The Girl on Fire

Hunger Games meets Project Runway- designers sketch their ideas of Katniss' girl on fire dress.

The cover for ''Cinder'' (pseudonym blurred).

UK Dubstep/Drum and Bass producer, IAN HALSALL has dropped his four-track EP, Burn Down TODAY (his Birthday!) through Itunes and Beatport. Burn Down was released through his record label, IDGAF Media Group. Send your birthday wishes to Ian

Asher and Ember in the OLC compound after Ember destroyed the Solarium.

Benjamin Stone and Skyler Samuels in The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Mason looks at me, his handsome face taking on a puppy dog look.  "I can't stay here, Kacey.  People are out to kill me and some are very close to succeeding."

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt in the movie The Maze Runner (which I have yet to see))<<<oh. *heavy breathing*<<< dude your life will change when you see the movies but please read the books first!