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Playskool Donald Duck Vintage Wood Puzzle by RetroramaVintage

Great for decorating a child's bedroom or use in the classroom.

Yes, my favorite. Conjunction Function, What's your Function?.

Conjunction Junction - What's Your Function? Love all of School House Rock!

I do not miss this crap. Kids today will never know the struggle of getting up to change the channel!

"Turning the dial" on the TV.we got THREE channels. Had to get up to turn it in and off, turn the volume up or down and change channels.

Where's the Beef?

Where's the Beef Lady. This campaign for Wendy's starred an played by Clara Peller. By Peller was fired from Wendy's after declaring that she had "Found the Beef" in an ad for Prego pasta sauce.

Good old Dippity-do

Dippity-Doo I remember this all to well awwwwwwwwwwww my mom used the pink kind with my saturday night 'pin curls' for church in the morning !


Dick and Jane. LOVED those books. That was our first readers in first grade. They were little blue soft bound books. I got Dick and Jane books for my grand kids.

Broad and snyder, south philly

Woolworth's--Oh, I remember this store with fond memories. After shopping with my Mom, we would have something at the lunch counter and I would twirl on the stool.

Simon -- seemed very high tech in its day!

I would buy this for my kids these days. Bring back the Simon! ~Toys From The - Bing Images - OMG my kids used to play this endlessly. It got very intense trying to repeat recorded hand beats which got progressively faster.

Toys From the 1970s | WHAM-O: 1970 Super Elastic Bubble Plastic #Vintage ... | Toys and Joys

WHAM-O: 1970 Super Elastic Bubble Plastic loved the scent of the presumably toxic fumes from these things. i remember this as toxic as well.