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People get so butthurt. It really is Joker with out makeup. It also really is Heath Ledger with makeup.

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 51 Pics

And a special surprise: 28 Texts From 2014 That Will Make You Laugh Every Time


355 word essay Telephone is no doubt one of the important devices of communicating messages in a relatively short period, messages can be sent through letters and telegrams as well.

Top 5 #Hilarious Tweets By Anna Kendrick

I'm convinced Anna Kendrick is my soul sister.


Saw this pic w no caption and it wasn't as funny so I waited till it got captioned.

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How I feel waking up first and last walking dead and inception

Funny pictures about Waking up at a sleepover. Oh, and cool pics about Waking up at a sleepover. Also, Waking up at a sleepover.

No words, just awesome looking.

EPIC : Heath Ledger as the Joker skate boarding over Christian Bale as Batman while they take a break on the set of The Dark Knight. You can all quit your lives now. Single greatest picture in the history of pictures and internet.

Walk of Shame Shuttle - Mock Commercial, via YouTube

From a University of Michigan student offering a "Walk of Shame" Shuttle.This girl is my hero. Walks of shame are hilarious!

poem that can be read backwards to take on a whole different meaning!!! Really cool and inspirational!

Depressing poem that can be read backwards to take on a positive light. I prefer to read the positive version of the poem.

Sugar honey ice tea=shit

Funny pictures about Sugar Honey Ice Tea. Oh, and cool pics about Sugar Honey Ice Tea. Also, Sugar Honey Ice Tea photos.

Therougefeminists statement doesnt make sense at all. < this is the logic that’s promoted by “activist” movements. It’s like they’re crazy or something.

The sad thing is a lot of people agree with therougefeminist's statement.


That moment when you find out that Joker and Robin went to school together, Captain America and Black Widow dated, she, Alfred and Wolverine were friends, and Wolverine fought Batman.

En el mundo ficticio de los videojuegos hacemos muchas cosas increíbles como saltar grandes distancias y continuar vivos, viajar grandes distancias rápidamente, tener heridas por todas partes y aún así vencer a los enemigos o cargar mucho equipo sin ningún problema, pero estas hazañas son prácticamente imposibles en la vida real, donde todo es …

Videojuegos vs La vida real

Funny pictures about Videogames vs. Oh, and cool pics about Videogames vs. Also, Videogames vs.