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Despite the South Korean law that states that only medical doctors can legally give someone a tattoo, Seoul-born artist Hongdam uses his watercolor skills to turn his clients' skin into pastel cherry blossoms and iridescent moons. He focuses on simple but elegant floral designs, drawing first the thin outline of the plant and then bleeding the ink from the sketch's core outwards. This creates a delicate watercolor effect, as the bold colors seamlessly flow into the next hue. In addition to…

Ethereal Nature Tattoos Transform Skin Into Delicate Watercolor Paintings

Hongdam is a Seoul-based tattoo artist who uses his watercolor skills to make gentle pastel tattoos of flowers and moons, but not only that but a range of

Grisaille is an oil painting technique used by many old masters that can be adapted to watercolors. Here are a few ways to adapt the technique to watercolor painting.

Grisaille Watercolor Technique: Tutorial & Further Information

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Catch and Capture the colours

Catch and Capture the colours

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Picks: The Hottest Color Right Now

This tutorial shows how to use acrylic paints and create a watercolor effect on peonies and mason jars. Lots of tips and ideas.

How to Paint Peonies with Watercolor Effect

How to Paint Peonies with a watercolor effect using craft paints and watercolor pencils. Step by step photos included. ♡ MY SUMMER PROJECT!

A new little video on mixing and using GREEN! - Artists' Journal Workshop--the book and beyond

A new little video on mixing and using GREEN! (Artists' Journal Workshop--the book and beyond)

-Color palate that creates the painting  -Beautiful  -Simple    Alessandro Andreuccetti, "Waiting for the Spring"

Watercolor, space, value, atmospheric perspective, Saatchi Online Artist: Alessandro Andreuccetti; "Waiting for the Spring" Found on here. Fantastic use of atmospheric perspective and a limited color palette!

Twist and Tangle (acrylic on panel, 8×8) by Linda Kemp.  Read about "negative painting" here! ~ch #Painting #Art

Negative Painting Techniques, Linda Kemp, Nature Paintings

Linda Kemp is known for using negative painting techniques in nature-inspired watercolors, which she teaches in her newest book, Simplifying Design & Color for Artists: Positive Results Using Negative Painting Techniques.

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