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* * WHITE CAT: "He stole me thunder! Either slow on de uptake, or he didz dat on purpose.


* * " I gives meself admirables advice, but I iz incapable of takin' itz.


Kittens are a handful, but their enthusiasm is contagious. This kitten warms my heart. I remember when my kittens were young, don't you?

I love animal feet!!!!

Kitty footses are probably the cutest thing I see on a regular sets of four.eight moments of cuteness.walking on my keyboard as I write kjjkshdcf m,. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!


Aww, I love the previous pinner's quote: Cat Fact: When asked if her husband had any hobbies, Mary Todd Lincoln is said to have replied “cats.

"You guys think this is where they keep the cat food?"   The reply: "Can't tell!  If you'd get your BIG BUTT out of the way, I might be able to SEE SOMETHING!"  (Captioned By: David Charles.)

** "It be obvious we can'ts allz stuff in heres az one." -- ["Soes, den whys yoo tryin' to be first?" --" She can'ts helps it, Skeet, she gotz de soul of a poet and de mind of a junks yard dawg.

Purrsday Poetry: Feelings for a Feline by Ritu find this amazing photo from Katzenworld

Hi everyone, Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Ritu: "Feelings for a Feline" He looks at me With soulful eyes They make him seem So terribly wise A look that takes Your brea.

I'm Tess and I'm from Barcelona. I'm romantic and dreamer and I love art, music and literature.

28 Animals Who Feel Your Thanksgiving Pain

I'll have these on rye bread... hold the lettuce & mayo. OH, and please throw in a little bar-b-q sauce on the side for dipping. I'm simply FAMISHED!

I have two presents for you!" Oh yes our cat loves bringing us presents!

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* * BROWN TABBY: " My other humans didn'ts like meez, so dey ree-turned meez here. So dat's my name nowz: 'Reeturn. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!