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These are the top 41 funny pictures with sayings will make you laugh. These funny pictures with captions will definitely make you laugh.


The Marines have a rule that you can only hold an umbrella while in uniform if you are escorting a lady. XD<---- not sure if that's true cause my dad was a marine (but he doesn't talk about it much) but whatever!

Are you customizing it or something?? LHH-D www.loesshillshd.com

You may think breastfeeding jokes are funny until you see these tasteless breastfeeding meme pictures.

Team member running our v3 triple mag pouch and radio case along with a…

Team member running our triple mag pouch and radio case along with a…

Let's call her Monica dog Hillary Bill Clinton funny scandal


Ron White - "You can't fix stupid"~"I had the right to remain silent.but I didn't have the ability." I can't help but laugh at him!