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friends and family tell me they wish i could see myself like they see me. they can list my good qualities, but i cannot see them. i feel like this is a quote they would say about me.

He sure did. All I can say is the Oscar goes to you because you almost had me fooled again. Won't be making that mistake.

I always thought that by staying he'd see my love and devotion to him. He never cared. He just kept on deliberately hurting me. He liked hurting me.

Once a friend told me that people often feel uncomfortable by my way of looking in their eyes. A painful thing to hear, I can assure you. I simply look at people with compassion and an eager to know them. Not the surface intrigues me but the layers underneath, the things people try to hide, their fears, their uncertainties. But my eyes appear to reveal more than my mouth's able to translate. Like water reflects the surrounding trees, my eyes seem to confront people with themselves.

She had wild eyes, slightly insane. She also carried an overload of compassion that was real enough and which obviously cost her something. - Bukowski/ ENLARGE AND FRAME IT!


"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects" - Albert Einstein Peg your life on goal, not on m.

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Kateri opened her locker with a sigh, They are just shallow sad little people who have no meaning in their life and that’s why they want to bring me down to their level. Kateri reminded herself, And people can only bring you down if your above them.

Simple enough.

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Learn to say "no"...

Learn to say "no" without explaining yourself. Ya, need to work on that - well, just on saying "no" in general at first :)




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I used to say thing before I got a chronic illness. Just never give up. Much love. ❤ No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.


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