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25 Leadership Lessons Your Business Can't Live Without

25 Leadership Lessons Your Business Can't Live Without

couple hands divorce decree

12 Habits that Lead to Divorce

Legal separation allows couples to be separated while still legally married. However, even if the parties obtain the status of legal separation, they cannot remarry or enter into a domestic partnership.

this is so true , yet we kick those when they are down or judge them when we have no clue.... Reinforce the good, give them confidence, just love !!!!!

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It's okay to be silent sometimes. Silence itself speaks volumes.

Jean-Luc Godard’s film, “Vivre sa vie,” 1962

The 1923 passport of Ernest Hemingway.

Is it just me or is Ernest Hemingway pretty cute?The 1923 passport of Ernest Hemingway.

O facto de mostrar aos outros que é superior, mais forte e mais inteligente, não quer dizer que seja verdade e na maior parte dos casos é só uma maneira de camuflar as suas inseguranças e medos.

Sinais que revelam que afinal não tem assim tanta autoconfiança

Being able to read people’s minds is more than figuring out their thoughts. New research on mentalization shows the importance to mental health of reading emotions.

The Launch of Scholrly: new search engine seeks to change the way people find research    May 30, 2012, 9:10 pm    By Brian Mathews

Curating Learning Experiences: A Future Role For Librarians? - The Ubiquitous Librarian - The Chronicle of Higher Education

SKILLS FOR THE 21st CENTURY LIBRARIAN - by Meredith Farkas - / - Basic Tech Competencies & Higher Level Competencies

Information wants to be free - libraries in social networking software article by Farkas