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W. Eugene Smith’s ‘Nurse Midwife’

W. Eugene Smith's Landmark Photo Essay, 'Nurse Midwife'

Eugene Smith - Newborn Baby in Makeshift Crib near Cold Stove, South Carolina, 1951

European settlers and enslaved Africans introduced Malaria and other tropical diseases to the Americas. These tropical diseases thrived in the swampy region of the Lowcountry. While many slaves were more resistant, the white planters were not. Therefore, whites moved their homes away from the rice fields and vacated the lowcountry at least during the humid season. For the Lowcountry Gullah, this isolation allowed for the creation and preservation of their distinct African culture.

Gullah Culture Thrived in Desolate Conditions

Gullah Island South Carolina | Coastal residents aim to preserve rich African culture

Coastal residents aim to preserve rich African culture