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This Vegan Double Chocolate Brownie Chunk Ice Cream recipe features two different types of chocolate and brownie chunks mixed in! For chocoholics only.

I JUST saw this movie last night and it's amazing and I loved how Vivian and Elle became best friends and how they ditched Warner

I LOVE THIS MOVIE -made me want to study law (i will) even tho i dont want to practice, i just want the degree you know, for the fun of it :D

So true

I'm always hungry. not for mcdonald's obviously that place is for the fat people but I am hungry right now

If it was then i would be dead, married Harry, Louis, and Niall and i would be Katniss Everdeens bff

When you wake up & wish your dream was real. Oh those Niall dreams, they literally kill you when you wake up!

Having The Same Teddy Bear Since You Were Younger

Having The Same Teddy Bear Since You Were younger -Just Girly Things

Hmmm... I don't really have long hair, it's kinda shoulder length so I assume the second last doesn't work for me.

Except I'm not socially awkward lol. "That's just who I am." by calmitcurly ❤…

Yes I practically have a snack before school then before lunch then after lunch then after school is that bad? I think I might need a new  hobby other than eating

Just Girly Things - (Click through to see animated .gif) Eating snacks right when you get home from school.