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Is there a Boxer alive that doesn't like cheese?

Exactly the face my princess makes when I place her the pen so we could eat dinner


Country Cutie Homemade Costume Idea for Dogs- hahahahahahahahaha I'm totally doing this with Ammo!

Anywhere u want, I ll go

In our house it's when we put on shoes, or grab the keys.he waits to hear "you wanna go bye-bye?

If my dogs could talk, this is exactly what they would say, LOL!

30 Happy Beagle Dogs Having An Epic Party I wanted to do something special for Louie so i organized Louie The Beagle Playday Event. Invite 30 beagles , put them together and add alot of toys. Louie had an awesome time , and so did the other beagles :-).

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Thank god you're home! Somebody broke in and ate your rotisserie chicken again!

“Thank God you are home. Someone broke in and ate your rotisserie chicken again.” Lennox and Lilly ate an entire rotisserie chicken and a pound of turkey bacon while Mommyj was moving her car. This was Lilly’s second chicken in a month. This is so my dog

Silly dog

Funny pictures about Smartass dog. Oh, and cool pics about Smartass dog. Also, Smartass dog.

funny pitbulls | Epic Pix » Like 9gag – just funny. » Dangerous Pitbull

"To catch the squirrel, you must become the squirrel:. The dog has started dressing like a squirrel to get to know his enemy, the squirrel.his movements, his motivations, and to understand the squirrel's desire for nuts.

Oh look a quarter! | Gagness

25 Cats and dogs losing the battle with human furniture - Have a dog or cat? You'll probably recognize some of these hilarious moments of pets using furniture.


We all Love Funny Dog Pictures (Man best Friends) and some people always love to show their life with their own dogs and share it online. On this Post We’re gonna show you the best Funny Dog …