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Yawwwwwwwnnnnn. Good morning. - This looks just like my Scratchy. She is a fluffy ferret.

Ferret yawns = the cutest kind of yawns. Is it even a ferret? I thought this was an adorable little kitten of some sort.

Baby other.  Precious creature!

110 Baby Animals Looking Sad

a baby otter.reminds me of my friend who loves otters. too cute both the otter and my friend

...and one cup of ferrets. - Imgur

...and one cup of ferrets.

A seriously adorable trio of itty-bitty baby ferrets in a glass. Cup of cuteness

Забавные хорьки, которые поднимут вам настроение (27 фото)

thefluffingtonpost: “ PHOTO OP: Ferret Tush Via ” I have a weird thing for animal butts.


Funny pictures about Rats with their teddy bears. Oh, and cool pics about Rats with their teddy bears. Also, Rats with their teddy bears.


Goats are fun. Goats are cute. Baby goats are even cuter and funnier! Discover our top 10 of the cutest baby goats photos!

What a wonderful face. I don't like mice but this little guy put a smile to my face he is so full of cuteness!

Lots of tiny hamster fluff balls

These look like half-hamster, half-gerbil creatures. They’re really fat like hamsters but they have gerbil faces… Roborovski hamster~


pp: Baby squirrel yawn! I miss Squirrel Nutkin (squirrel I raised) cute baby

Rat yawn

115 Adorable Pictures of Animal Yawns

I've had pet mice and rats. They are so sweet. I know they cause problems.

* * Hope is the feeling you have that the feeling present isn't permanent.         ~ Jean Kerr

20 Baby Animals Say Hello To Spring

baby animals BABY ANIMALS gathered Image Search Results for cute baby animals i'm not one to love skunks, but this is adorable!:) my baby

A tiny, happy, two-day-old lamb from my friend's farm!

A tiny, happy, two-day-old lamb from my friend's farm!

awwww-cute: “A tiny, happy, two-day-old lamb from my friend’s farm!

Hahaha I love it. XD

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Funny pictures about Flattered Raccoon. Oh, and cool pics about Flattered Raccoon. Also, Flattered Raccoon photos.