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There, I've said it! I know it's bad but some people just keep talking and annoy me way too much.

I wish I could put some people on mute. Oh how I wish I could!

When I say Never Mind what I really mean is.

When I say Nevermind, what I really mean is… via

Cheer up!

Cheer up, fuckface! You're still my favorite to.to say fuck off to.fuck off!

And how do you feel about that??

"A wise therapist taught me that anger is the emotion we snatch up to avoid less comfortable feelings - confusion, fear, sadness." -- Jill Herzig, Editor-in-Chief of Redbook

My bf knows this all too well!

I'm sorry for the potty word but this is what I hear when someone texts me "K." So funny!

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Lol are word when a bitch takes a back seat and holds on to it for dear life

Don’t try to explain yourself to stupid people. You're not the jackass whisperer.

This is one of my favorite says.  I always say if you are going to hit me, you better knock me out or you are fucked :P

"Never kick me when I"m down because when I get back up.you're fucked.