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Garden Route residents petition for the Tsitsikamma Marine Protected Area to keep its status.

Garden Route residents petition for the Tsitsikamma Marine Protected Area to keep its status.

Unless caring people like you speak out, hundreds of seniors in West Palm Beach, Florida may be forced to leave their homes. (25999 signatures on petition)

Regal Senior Care: Don't Displace These Florida Seniors

Don’t Legalize Trophy Hunting of Black Bears – ForceChange

The trophy hunting of black bears may soon be legalized due to a new proposal in Connecticut. This would subject bears to cruel and inhumane deaths in the forms of bowhunting and hound hunting.

A dog named Lexington was starved to the point of emaciation and found wandering the cold streets nearly dead. His condition was so poor that he was experiencing violent seizures. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Twelve dogs were found tied to trees and cars in a man's yard. They were all malnourished. Demand that the owner is punished severely and banned from owning animals.

petition: Stop the Killing of Greyhounds Worldwide! / http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/224/419/935/

petition: WAZA help shut down cruel zoos and stop animal performances

Ryu was a beloved, 6-year-old Husky who was found dead and mutilated on his family's gate. Please help them find justice! (56043 signatures on petition)

petição: FedEx: pledge to quit shipping elephant ivory out of Africa

Urge the UN to Increase Funding for Local Programs to Combat Violence against Women and Girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Tell President Zuma to End Violence Against Women and Children in South Africa Femicide in South Africa is 5 times higher than the global average. signatures on petition)

TAKE ACTION! Horses used for bullfighting cannot scream in pain or fear because their vocal cords are mutilated. This cruelty must end! (129648 signatures on petition)

petition: Tell chef Stefán Úlfarsson to stop cooking whales!

Justice for Beloved Horse Killed With Arrow PETITION - Care2 News Network

Beloved Horse Shot Dead With Arrow – Demand Justice. A mare slowly bled to death after being shot by an arrow in the rib cage. Police believe the horse was intentionally targeted. Demand that the culprit is swiftly found and brought to justice.