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Evil Inner dialogue #endit #youarebeautiful

No matter what society says is the "perfect" body, no body is perfect. But yours is beautiful just the way it is.


Diese Welt ist so grausam und ich will es nicht mehr sehen. --- This world is so cruel and I don't wanna see it anymore.

Cyber Bullying: Another injustice that Mapauwer will fight against is cyber bullying, because nobody should be told that they are not worth anything. This image shows that being bullied can become a burden in someone's life, and it can ultimately lead to crying and a low self-esteem. People that are bullied cry, and often think that the world will be better without them. It can lead into attempts of suicide.

Cyber bullying is just as worse as bullying people at school or anywhere in general bullying is stupid some people just need to get it in there head and start caring about people other then themselves.


Don't listen to people when they call you these things! You're beautiful And you should know it. People really need to STOP bullying! Love all you beautiful people!

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abused kid | how to draw : Abused children

abused kid | how to draw : Abused children

borderline personality disorder art - Google Search

Idea for releasing all the things we've been called or called ourselves

Imagine being a little girl again and looking in the mirror and seeing yourself now... Would you be proud?

this have a lot of meanings , in case you didn't understand , this is all about the mental age of the girl , like she's only and already feeling like a broken 20 years old , this is mostly because of house issues or parents issues.

Show inside mind like how the tears are stopped behind the eyes

Alone in the house the only sound is me finally releasing my tears sobs that rack my body-sb