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My hunger games mockingjay part 1 edit

My hunger games mockingjay part 1 edit

Joshifer-SO TRUE!Especially how Peeta is yelling 'ITS NOT REAL'So its like "GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!!ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!"And we wont listen

I loved in Catching Fire when the jabberjays were playing mind games Katniss and Peeta was on the other side of the glass like "katinss its not reall! Stop its not real!" That hit me hard

The Hanging Tree song, in Mockingjay (third installment of The Hunger Games trilogy).

The Hanging Tree lyrics - I hate that they didn't go into the deeper meaning of the song in the movie, it was one of my favorite things about the book!


The Hunger Games- wow I was thinking Seneca Crane while reading it but then nope it was cinna. That would be awesome though

It's Catching Fire people

HAHA love it so funny It's so annoying when people call it hunger games 2 I'm like NO ITS CALLED CATCHING FIRE and then they rub it in my face and I get proper pissed off.

Hunger games

One of the funniest lines of the whole movie…This is why I love Peeta, he lightens up the mood and helps Katniss loosen up(: ----- but Katniss' face tho!