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I can relate to this, but;

Every now and then our inner Petti LaBelle comes out and these 11 memes perfectly sum up that moment when our pettiness gets the best of us.

11 Perfect Memes For That Moment Someone Tries To Come For You And It’s Time To Be Petty

Aaaaannnnnddddd still don't.

Yep. Then the light be blinding you at the same time. The struggle be real.

I aint gotta bae but wen ppl be textin me late tht explains my life in all areas.

Without a doubt ;) @Heather Geno

One of the funniest makeup jokes ever.

Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

Sincerely yours, Cassie — muvakita: queenxkimberly: rudegyalkimmy: .

You petty but I'll allow it. Proceed.

You petty but I'll allow it.

Pinterest: femdonaldglover

Pinterest: femdonaldglover

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I always keep my brightness low, even with the night shift it doesn't help🙄.


When a bitch can't fight but think she can. When a bitch think she a goon but already got beat tf up once. Imma catch u again sweetie and when I do it's game over.

Best Comebacks Ever for Insults | Cool comeback! burn fat meme

This is true for some many people I've been around in my life

This happened to me at school and everyone kept on asking me what was wrong. I didn't tell them because it was how the shirt that I wanted to wear was too wrinkly, so I couldn't wear it.>>>Sadly this is me.

Here are some funny and geeky chalkboard signs that think outside the box.

Photographers Capture 20 Funny and Geeky Chalkboard Signs That Think Outside the Box

Perfectly said

The only difference between a good girl and a bad girl, is that good girls are very selective with who theyre bad with. If my darkest secret is how naughty I can be then I pick wisely. They tend to fall hard.

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