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This is another brilliant book by Stephen King.

Under the Dome - Stephen King. This is one long read, pages and content. It was a novel that I had to take breaks from, many times because I was irritated by the characters (author's intent). I really wanted more from the ending, it fizzled.

The Shining, Stephen King

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Stephen King...loved this book

Langoliers By: Stephen King Lost References: Damon Lindelof has referenced this book as a source of influence in LOST. The Langoliers depicts a group of strangers who are on a flight that travels into a time rip, into a new dimension.

ISTP = "The Craftsman" = Traits: Flexible, hands-on, present-minded, analytical ~~~ Book: Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series blends action-packed Western elements with more technical, sci-fi descriptions in a way that would be pleasing to an ISTP. The prose is muscular and the plot is quick enough to keep them on their toes.

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